Box Step Ups - Butt Hamstrings Core

Build Your Glutes and Hamstrings with Box Step Ups

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Today we’re going to talk about box steps, box steps can be used to really focus on our butts and hamstrings. A lot of people don’t like their butts and this can help fix it. So we use a 20-inch box, but we can flip it to 15. For anybody that may have any kind of knee problems, we can build up to this and get their butt and hamstrings stronger which will help solidify their knees a little bit better.

Something else we’ve been focusing on all also has been footwear. We’re working a lot with this type of shoe, a neutral shoe, a minimalist type shoe that has a bigger toe box. So the feet can actually be in the position they’re intended to be. So we want our toes to be able to spread out and push into the ground and having a feel for these types of shoes will help to do that. Or we work out in socks till we get our feet stronger, which gives us a better base and solidifies our knees and hips and into the back.

But again, today, we want to talk about box steps. So very simple. All we’re going to do is just step up and step down. We’re going to work on the right side first. We’re going to do 10 reps on the right side, and then we’ll do 10 reps on the left side. Now, even though we’re doing a box step-up, primarily focusing on our butt and hamstrings, we want to keep our eyes up in front of us. We don’t want to look down because we want to have great posture throughout so we can help work into our core.

Build Glutes, Hamstrings, Core - Box Step UpsCore real simple is we’re considering from here mid-thigh to just under the chest all the way around. So even though, again, we’re focusing on gluts and hamstrings, we can still focus on our core at the same time.

First, we’re just going straight up, straight down. We would do again about 10 on the right, and then we’ll turn around and go 10 on the left side. So as you get stronger, we start adding different types of resistance to it.  We can grab weights, dumbbells, and just continue the same thing as long as our form doesn’t suffer.  Again, 10 on each side, straight up, straight down.

Another way we can add resistance to it is through barbells. As our weights start getting a little bit too heavy, it’s hard to hang on to. Legs are stronger than our hands, and we don’t want to add any grips to it just yet. We’ll get to a point where we work on grip strength, and we’ll talk about that, but we can just add our barbell and our grip isn’t a factor at all. So, we can do the same thing straight up, straight down. When we’re putting our foot up here, we want to make we’re our whole foot is on there. We’re pulling from the heel and driving up and not pushing off the floor. So we’re pulling and not pushing and that’ll help to keep everything in alignment.

So again, working a lot of different muscles at the same time, get your heart rate elevated; works your core; works your glutes, and solidifies your feet also.

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