How to do Squats with TRX


Hi, this is Al Stockwell at Health Targeted Solutions here in Clinton Township. We’re on the corner of Harrington and Moravian. Today, we’re going to talk about squats.

fWe’ve been using TRX for 15 years in our workout programs because anybody can use them. I got a 95-year-old grandmother and I’ve got my 13-year-old young athlete that can work side by side and utilize a TRX in a safe manner. Any exercise we can duplicate on this. It’s a great,  great product.

So, today we’re going to use a TRX just to show how we would use it for new clients that may have never learned to squat properly, or their squatting and have knee pain or some type of history with knee issues. But we can get past that, learn to squat properly while using the TRX. And then once we’re squatting properly with it, then we get rid of it and start advancing that squat.
So, we’re going to start with the proper technique. Our feet are about shoulder-width apart toes slightly turned out. We’re going to hold onto the TRX. We’re holding onto this just so we know we’re not going to fall over backward. When you first start squatting properly and getting your butt down past your knees, it feels like you’re going to fall. You’re holding on, got kind of training wheels so we know we’re not going to fall.

So, what we want to do is keep your chest nice and tall. We’re going to sit and then we’re going to stand up. Now, as far as our feet go, we want to ensure that we’re getting even pressure between the toes and the heel, kind of like we’re pinching the ground so that arch can pop up and do what it’s supposed to do and support the body. If we’re squatting properly, nice, even pressure and driving up there should be no knee pain, no matter what your knee history was. The only issue might be a little bit of a range of motion. Everybody’s a little bit different, but ultimately, we want to be able to squat just like that whether we’re holding the TRX or if we lose the tr as we get stronger and more confident in what we’re doing. If we have 300 pounds on our back, same technique. If we’re just holding dumbbells to the side, or if we’re just doing bodyweight, squats. That’s exactly what we want to do the same. Every time we’ll keep you healthy knees and more confident and get stronger.


Again, this is Al Stockwell at Health Targeted Solutions. You can visit our website My phone number is (586) 202-9752. Feel free to call or text anytime, ask any questions, comment below, and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button.

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