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Hi, my name is Al Stockwell. My wife Sue and I opened Health Targeted Solutions here in Clinton Township, MI about seven years ago. We’ve been helping people get healthy, lose weight, feel more confident, and get off their medications, and get rid of chronic diseases like diabetes type 2, hypothyroidism, and autoimmune disease. We’ve been very successful in helping that.

We created our new YouTube Channel to reach more people and get more information out there about how we can do that. So, this YouTube Channel will give you information on getting off your medication and it’ll give you techniques on exercises to stay injury-free while you’re working out.

Again. we’re located in Clinton Township, right on the corner of Harrington and Moravian. My phone number is (586) 202-9752. You can call or text and ask any question that you like, and will we be getting out as much updated information as we possibly can

Health Targeted Solutions
39025 Moravian Dr.
Clinton Township, MI 48039



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