High Blood Pressure

When you think of something that could be potentially problematic health-wise, you probably won’t think about sitting. However, research shows that it’s arguably the biggest potential threat to your health. In fact, it poses a greater risk to your health than smoking!

Research has established that you can minimize your chances of type two diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease as well as back pain, all with one simple lifestyle change; decrease the time you spend on your couch or office chair.

We all know that smoking will not only reduce your lifespan, but can also result in diseases and infections. And today, it has been proven that sitting on your buns all day will certainly cause similar damage to your health.

Unfortunately, a significant number of people will confidently tell you that sitting all day isn’t that harmful, and it’s obviously nowhere near as bad as smoking. However, the truth is that smoking can be even worse than smoking.

As humans, we are blessed with significant amounts of intelligence, and would always love to be at the forefront of discoveries that can enhance our lifespan or reduce it. So, let us discuss why sitting on your favorite couch could potentially take away your vitality and what you can do to counter it.

Research conducted by the New York Health Department reveals that people who are both less active and fit have between 30 and 50% higher risk of suffering high blood pressure. Being inactive physically is a huge risk factor for the cardiovascular disease itself. It ranks almost similarly to high cholesterol levels, cigarette smoking, and hypertension. Research shows that twice as many adults in America are physically inactive compared to cigarette smokers.

The same research also showed that nearly 35% of coronary heart disease deaths are caused by a sedentary lifestyle. Physical inactivity has a significant economic effect. It is often felt through the loss of productivity and income when disabling diseases attack. It was established that in 1989, a sedentary lifestyle cost the United States a whopping $5.7 billion because of hospitalization and other healthcare-related costs. That was more than three decades ago. Today were could be talking about hundreds of billions!

If a 35% chance of succumbing to coronary heart disease doesn’t compel you to ditch your sedentary lifestyle, then you may as well start smoking because your health is compromised anyway!

Below are five proven tips to help you stay mobile and healthy throughout the day:

  1. Use a water alarm: This can be an important application to have, reminding you when it’s time to drink some clean, refreshing water. Most people are often occupied with other activities, forgetting about the needs of their bodies. But with this app at your disposal, you’ll ensure you drink the recommended amount of water daily, allowing you to stay healthy at all times.
  2. Engage in some stretching exercises: Stretching a few times in the course of the day will not only keep you rejuvenated and healthy, but could also help extend your lifespan. The simplest way to achieve this is to get up every sixty to ninety minutes to stretch your body from head to toe and get the blood circulating in your body as well as your brain again.
  3. Walk and talk: Most health-conscious employees usually spare a few minutes to talk and walk around outside. And this not only ensures you are active, but also allows you to breathe some fresh air. Make it a routine that whenever you are on the phone, you only do so if you are either walking around or standing.
  4. Gamify your television time: There are many ways you can make your TV sessions more active. For instance, while watching your favorite TV program, you can take advantage of those commercial breaks to perform a few simple exercises. It could be push-ups, or it could even involve holding a plank through the whole ad break.
  5. Desk work: There are numerous things you can actually do to keep your entire body active, fit and healthy even as you work on your desk. There are a plethora of standing desks that might help with your fitness goals. In this regard, you may use a stability ball as your desk chair while working on your computer. It will not only ensure you maintain the right posture while working but will equally keep you active!

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