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Small group training

Our small group training will motivate you to reach your goals. The workouts are tailored to you to make sure you hit goals while staying safe! Personal training services in a comfortable, non-judgemental setting.


one on one coaching

For those that want to be pushed harder and have more specific goals. One on one is just you and me, written goals and getting stronger than ever!

full immersion nutrition

Food is key! We can help you to learn what to shop for, how to cook it and why!

Life coaching

One-on-one life coaching to assist you in setting and achieving goals in all areas of life. Thereby creating and living the life you desire.


We work with people from all walks of life with different fitness levels. If you're ready to get healthy, get off your meds, clear brain fog, regain energy, move pain-free, lose weight and just live an overall healthier life, we're ready to help. 



Don't know whERE TO START...

Our programs are built uniquely for you and we will guide you to ensure safe and effective workouts

No willpower...

We will hold you accountable every step of the way

Not enough time...

Our programs are built and ready for you and can even be as short as 30 minutes

The health targeted solutions Difference


We at Health Targeted Solutions (HTS) are building a family that offers all the support you will ever need! We have a mixture of talents, fitness levels, interests and overall goals! We serve the everyday person looking to get back into the shape they once were and those that have never lifted a weight in their life! Some of our clients include college baseball players, pro-figure skaters and state champion high school wrestlers. Our age range of clients range from 13 years old to 87 years old!

Not only will we train you in the gym, but we will ensure that you have a solid understanding of what your nutrition should be in order to lead a happy, healthy, productive lifestyle.

Our goal is to arm you with EVERYTHING you need to live your life as healthy and as mobile as you can be!





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Life changed and we moved to Kansas, I lost my way, gained weight and could not figure out how to get back to where I was. Traveling for my job was a new normal for me. I talked to Al and he came up with a remote training plan for me! I could not be happier! He sends me workouts, we chat almost every day. Food goals is a daily reminder for me. He helps me when I am struggling and pushes me even though he is hundreds of miles away.

Marleen T.

Joining this place was the best decision I ever made. Al is an incredible trainer that keeps pushing and challenging you and Sue can help you achieve that healthy way of eating by keeping it simple, and the people you workout with are the BEST!

Debbie O.

Unlinke any gym environment I've ever experienced. Al and his staff are knowledgeable trainers, the environment is not intimidating, even the members cheer each other on. I highly recommend HTS. I have attained and achieved some major fitness goals with their help!

Nicole D

What Makes Us Different?

We have been certified in the training industry for 20+ years. Having trained in big box gyms and small facilities, we have worked with a wide variety of clients. People looking to lose weight, those finishing up injury/rehab,  individuals recovering from major heart surgery, full/partial hip/knee replacements, and more!

We do strength training, Olympic lift to develop power, and body weight work – that can be done anywhere.  We do all of this for one main purpose: overall health and quality of life.

We have clients here in Southeast Michigan that travel from as far as Ann Arbor and remote clients that train in Kansas City, Upstate New York, and Florida.

If you are looking for a fun, challenging place to change your life  – this is it.

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Neighbors United is a grassroots organization developed to assist families battling terminal illness, a death in the family or a house fire. We are most known for assisting Firefighters battling cancer after starting #walkforthered140. We strive to get better year after year and even in our best year we know it is not good enough until we are reaching everyone possible to raise awareness to help our brothers and sisters.

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